Monday, December 9, 2013

Back to Agora...

Top: Gap old.Pants: ExpressCape: AGORAShoes: JCrew old (loving these)Glasses: Prada

Sometimes, you have to experiment with pieces that you don't typically see worn very often. For me (and I am sure y'all will agree), this is one of those times.  Jordan and I were poking around Agora, the amazing vintage store in Athens, GA that I have featured before, when I came across this amazing plum colored, fur lined cape.  Immediately, images of a fancy contessa popped into my mind.  How fun! Now, this piece falls way outside of my typical style spectrum; however, I love taking risks, and I have to say this piece was definitely worth it.  This cape can dress up a casual outfit or further enhance a fancy one. Do you have an odd, but fabulous piece? If so, what is it?
Happy Monday!


  1. Gorgeous! Loving that you took a risk with this cape as it is absolutely STUNNING! You look amazing in it. And I'm loving these gorgeous pictures as well!

    Bold Subtlety

    1. Thank you Annick! You are always so wonderful!!

  2. The cape is such a completely perfect piece!! Craving for it!


  3. you look lovely! i love that cape!

  4. I love this coat on you, it's so fancy :) My strange piece is a pink bucket hat. It's so cute, but I just don't know when to wear it!

    <3 Vicki

  5. Oh wow this cape is so cool! You look so regal...
    thank you for stopping by

  6. You look so gorgeous in such a Grand Cape. I have always wanted a Cape. I would choose a Black Wool one if the right one ever came along. You styled this so nicely and those shoes are the icing to the cake. ;-)