Monday, December 9, 2013

Back to Agora...

Top: Gap old.Pants: ExpressCape: AGORAShoes: JCrew old (loving these)Glasses: Prada

Sometimes, you have to experiment with pieces that you don't typically see worn very often. For me (and I am sure y'all will agree), this is one of those times.  Jordan and I were poking around Agora, the amazing vintage store in Athens, GA that I have featured before, when I came across this amazing plum colored, fur lined cape.  Immediately, images of a fancy contessa popped into my mind.  How fun! Now, this piece falls way outside of my typical style spectrum; however, I love taking risks, and I have to say this piece was definitely worth it.  This cape can dress up a casual outfit or further enhance a fancy one. Do you have an odd, but fabulous piece? If so, what is it?
Happy Monday!


  1. Gorgeous! Loving that you took a risk with this cape as it is absolutely STUNNING! You look amazing in it. And I'm loving these gorgeous pictures as well!

    Bold Subtlety

  2. The cape is such a completely perfect piece!! Craving for it!


  3. you look lovely! i love that cape!

  4. I love this coat on you, it's so fancy :) My strange piece is a pink bucket hat. It's so cute, but I just don't know when to wear it!

    <3 Vicki

  5. Oh wow this cape is so cool! You look so regal...
    thank you for stopping by

  6. You look so gorgeous in such a Grand Cape. I have always wanted a Cape. I would choose a Black Wool one if the right one ever came along. You styled this so nicely and those shoes are the icing to the cake. ;-)