Thursday, February 20, 2014

Style Swap Link-Up 3.0...

This week, I swapped looks with Lauren from Exploring My Style.  I loved her look this week.  She looked just darling with her stripes and boots.  My look is a tiny bit different then Lauren's, but I am really happy with how it turned out.  Thanks for the inspiration Lauren!

Our goal is to help you share your great style, as well as a blogger whose style you love.  Each Friday you can link up in one of two ways:
  1. Pick a blogger buddy and choose to do a “Style Swap” with each other, just like Jenn and I did today.  Pick one of each other’s looks you love and create your own spin on it, therefore “swapping styles,” then link to each other and to us.  This will build your audience in two ways: one, with the blogger collaboration, and two by linking up with us.  Awesome, right?
  2. The second way is to simply choose a blogger you love and take one of their looks and swap your style for theirs.  Then, link to the blogger out of courtesy and link up with us as well.
At the end of each link-up Ginny and I will take one of the looks we love best, and we'll “Style Swap” your look and create our own spin on it.  Then, we'll showcase your look and link to you on the next link-up.

We politely ask that you follow Ginny and I on at least one social media outlet before linking up.  Here's all the links you need to easily follow:

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My New Favorite Outfit


  1. I like both you & Lauren's Looks. Hmmm do I need a Gray Blazer & a Maroon/Burgundy one? Sure I do (though I am sure I have Gray but it's in US). I have almost identical boots too. I like that both you & Ginny "copied" Lauren today. She just discovered my blog so I will too be following Lauren, now.

    I will be linking up a Style Swap Post a little later today, meanwhile I have on a Spring Outfit full of Pastels. Take a peek. =)

  2. Ahh i love this whole idea!! I love both jackets as well!

  3. So funny we picked the same thing, you look adorable :)

  4. What a great blazer! I love it with the cognac and black!

  5. Where did you get that blazer? It's SO perfect! Also, I was going to use you as my style swap partner this week, but my outfit pictured terrible so I need to figure out how to make it look better. So, next week!

    1. This is a schoolboy blazer from JCrew. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  6. Gosh I feel so flattered that you and Ginny used my outfit for inspiration! I guess I should give all the credit to Danielle from A Little Bit of WoWe for coming up with it. Looks like it's quite the hit!

  7. Love your look! The blazer with boots and jeans is a perfect casual Friday look for even a more formal office setting. You look so chic!

  8. Hey, you forgot to add yourself to the link up :)